Brand Introduction

Launched in 2017, Plant Selected is Yili's plant-based brand. Currently offering soy milk and oat milk, Plant Selected is strategically positioning Yili to compete in the fast-growing plant-based dairy market. Plant Selected's products set new standards for plant-based dairy alternatives. Its high-protein soy milk contains 6g of protein per 100mL, outpacing other brands. Meanwhile, its oat milk gets 10g of dietary fiber per bottle and has no added sugar. Under the brand positioning of "plant-based nutrition, the new choice for our peope", Plant Selected aims to provide Chinese consumers with healthy and high-quality dairy-free options made from plants.

Product Advantages
250ml Plant Selected Soy Milk 1) Non-GMO soybeans with 7.5g plant protein per package
2) Fine-grinding for smoothness
3) 0 cholesterol/trans-fat/lactose
315ml Plant Selected Oat Milk - 100% pure oat milk (no dairy)
- 0 sucrose, 0 burden
- 10g fiber/bottle
- Unique oaty aroma/taste, smooth/delicious through unique oat enzyme disintegration technology
315ml High Plant Selected Protein Plant Milk - 6.0g protein/100ml
- 0 sucrose, 0 burden
- Made with traceable non-GMO soybeans in Northeast China
- Unique patented low-temp process for smoothness
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