Brand Introduction

Launched in 2008, Guliduo is Yili's first milk-and-cereal product. To meet modern consumers' needs for balanced nutrition, Guliduo integrates traditional Chinese grains into pure milk, combining multiple nutrients in one innovative product. By blending the nutrition of grains and milk, Guliduo aims to create a new standard of health and wellness and enable consumers to enjoy an upbeat, energetic lifestyle.

Product Advantages
Guoliduo 200ml Oat Milk Australian sun-dried oats with chewy whole oat grains
High-quality dairy with fresh milk flavor.
Selected Australian sunshine oats, paired with pure and fragrant milk. You can chew real oatmeal granules with every bite. It is a nutritious and authentic oat milk.
Guoliduo 250ml Red Bean/Black Bean Milk Red bean: select red beans/red rice/red peanut, carefully prepared, balanced nutrition, chewy whole grains and bean bits, inject vitality to your body; Black bean: black beans/black rice/black sesame, carefully prepared, balanced nutrition, chewy whole grains and bean bits, provide sustained energy
From high-quality dairy source
Multi -dimensional nutrition with dietary fiber and vitamin E, vitamin B2, niacin (nicotinamide)
[Guoliduo 250ml Peanut Protein Drink] Selected peanuts + high-quality dairy for double nutrition, smooth, creamy peanut flavor (not greasy), nostalgic peanut taste memory, balanced dual (dairy/peanut) nutrition for energy and vitality
Social Responsibility

近日,谷粒多聯合「我可想死你們了」的馮鞏老師拍攝的微電影《我和我的村》上映,通過直播助力鄉村振興。片中的老馮突發奇想帶領村民們一起直播,但村民們并不理解,直播的開展也不順利。所幸最后村民們理解了老馮想要通過直播助推滯銷農產品銷量的良苦用心,都積極投入到了直播中來。老馮所在的鄉村只是一個縮影,谷粒多將聯合快手走遍中國南北的百余座村莊,集結百名村干部開展百場鄉親直播,除了講述地方特色風土人情外,也把村里的實力好貨能夠面向全國。1 月 10 日起連續十天,谷粒多歡迎消費者來到鄉村直播間選購品質好年貨。[SocialBeta]