Brand Introduction

Cute Star, focusing on children's development,In 2006, as the Chinese people paid more and more attention to children's nutritional supplements. Cute Star seized the opportunity to create a new category of children's exclusive dairy products for the nutritional needs of children aged 3-8.Today, Cute Star starts with the characteristics of growth needs, constantly creates high-quality products, and is committed to becoming a professional and childlike growth partner for Chinese children.In 2022, Cute Star led industry innovation and continued to redefine children's milk by launching the original series of pure milk.

Product Advantages
Cute Star DHA Pure Milk 1. 100% pure milk, no additives.
2. DHA from original raw milk. 195mL per serving, containing 20mg DHA from original raw milk
3. dairy cows scientifically fed with patented algae powder produce milk containing DHA
4. Healthy Holstein dairy cows of good breeding
5. Milk from Yili exclusive farms along the golden milk source belt.
Cute Star A2β-casein Pure Milk 1.【Pure milk】 100% raw cow milk, containing A2β-casein;
2.【Select A2 cows】 Yili exclusive ranch conduct genetic screening with DNA technology to select cows with pure A2 gene;
3.【3.8g of milk protein】 3.8g/100mL high quality milk protein from original raw milk;
4.【Original high calcium】125mg/100mL calcium from original raw milk.
Cute Star Child growth milk (JIANGU) 1. Lactated calcium + vitamin D. Calcium helps bone development and vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption and contributes to the health of bones and teeth.
2. Dietary fibre is added to help maintain normal intestinal function;
3. Strict standards for milk source. Milk from healthy and quality dairy cows makes for safe and good milk suitable for the children.
Cute Star Child growth milk (QUANCONG) 1.Fish oil extract (containing DHA) and ARA are added to facilitate children’s development and excellent growth
2.Dietary fibre is added to help maintain normal intestinal function;
3.Strict standards for milk source. Milk from healthy and quality dairy cows makes for safe and good milk suitable for children.
Cute star nutritional fruit juice yogurt drink (Winnie the Pooh) 1.Selected milk source, upgraded quality;
2.Fortified with iron, zinc and other nutrients;
3.Made of juice + fermented flavor milk, sweet and sour.
4.Lacto-fermentation stimulates children’s appetite.
Cute star dietary fibre yogurt drink (Gourd Bottle) 1.Low sugar and low fat with added dietary fiber;
2.Two kinds of fruit juice combination presents a tangy taste;
3.Cute gourd bottle shape + super cute IP image, nice look.
Cute star lacto-fermentation yogurt drink (Pacifier Bottle) 1. Six kinds of lactic acid bacteria mixed fermentation;
2. Added dietary fiber;
3. Low sugar and low sodium formula, fortified with zinc and vitamin B1.
4. Distinctive pacifier design provides a novel drinking experience.
Brand Cooperation
Social Responsibility
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