Brand Introduction

In 1997, Yili launched China's first Tetra Pak liquid milk production line. Yili's adoption of advanced European equipment and technology enabled high-quality milk to be shelf-stable for up to 7 months, allowing fresh grassland milk to reach consumers across China.

Product Advantages
Pure Milk 100% raw milk
3.2g high-quality lactoferrin/100ml
100mg native calcium/100ml
High Calcium Milk 125mg calcium/100ml
Two packs a day provide 625mg calcium
Added vitamin D promotes calcium absorption
Skim Pure Milk 0 fat for lighter body load
Centrifugation removes fat, retains nutrients
105+ tests ensure high quality
From high-quality dairy source
High Calcium & Low-Fat Pure Milk Added vitamin D promotes calcium absorption
25% more calcium
50% less fat
Breakfast Milk Fruit/veggie blend: banana/pineapple/carrot/pumpkin
Smooth, creamy flavor Added iron/zinc for nutrition