Brand Introduction

Launched in 2015, Changyi 100% is a room-temperature lactobacillus beverage dedicated to digestive health. Changyi 100% is committed to continuously improving quality and brand image. Through constant innovation, Changyi 100% aims to strengthen its brand power and presence in dining occasions. In 2023, Changyi 100% went through a complete upgrade, including adopting the patented K56 strain and extending fermentation time to 72 hours. This new formula will deliver a fresher, more delicious taste while maintaining the probiotic benefits.

Product Advantages
100ml Changyi 100% Original Flavor Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink - Exclusive strain K56
-Dietary fiber
-72 hours fermentation
320ml Changyi 100% Low Sugar Lactic Acid Bacteria Dink - Exclusive strain K56
-Dietary fiber
-Low suger