Brand Introduction

Xinhuo is dedicated to addressing the wellbeing of middle-aged and elderly people by providing professional formulas and scientifically customized nutritional solutions. This is aimed at ensuring that middle-aged and elderly people maintain good health.

Product Advantages
Digestible Sugar-0 sucrose and low GI 0 sucrose
Low GI
Chinese health ingredients - kudzu root, sealwort
Rich in 16 nutrients
3.2 billion active probiotics/can
Bone Energy - Skeletal Muscle Plus Power 0 sucrose
High Calcium 1500mg/100g+Vitamin D
Sodium hyaluronate
Chinese health ingredients - sealwort, wolfberry
1.6 billion active probiotics/can
Living Heart - Peace of Mind and Sleep Phytosterol Esters
Jujube seed powder
Chinese health ingredients - hawthorn, mulberry
1.6 billion active probiotics/can