Brand Introduction

"In 2019, Yili acquired Westland, the second largest dairy company in New Zealand, and launched Westgold Butter. Originating in 1893, Westgold Butter has a century-old history in New Zealand。
The name ""Westgold"" (""Mu'en"" in Chinese) means ""the gift of the pasture"". The butter is made from milk sourced from grass-fed cows that roam freely on pastures all year round on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
The families of dairy farmers, who have passed down their animal husbandry experience from generation to generation, combine modern technology with traditional farming methods to provide the highest quality milk for Westgold Butter."

Product Advantages
Yili Cheese Slices Imported cheese with a rich and bold flavor; Contains 10 times the milk calcium of regular cheese; Thick and delicious
Reprocessed Cheese Shreds Stretchy and long-lasting cheese flavor
Classic Cheese Shreds Easy to make cheese pull with pure milk flavor
Selected Butter A high-quality professional butter made specifically for Chinese consumers
Whipping Cream Pure cream made from milk fat; Perfect for decorating desserts with beautiful designs
Westgold Butter Award-winning New Zealand butter