Brand Introduction

Launched in 1997 by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Youngfun was China's first milk drink brand. Youngfun pioneered the fruit + yogurt formula (yogurt flavor), leveraging high-quality ingredients and a blend of sweet and tart flavors to deliver a nutritious yet trendy experience tailored for young consumers.

Product Advantages
Youngfun Sugar Hawthorn Flavored Milk Drink Selected hawthorn and rich raw milk
Nutritious sweet-tart flavor that lingers on your mind
Youngfun Fruit Pulp Yogurt Drink 1) Smooth yogurt with fresh fruit pulp
2) ≥30% lactic acid fermentation for smooth flavor
3) chewable 3 - 6mm real fruit chunks
4) Balanced sweet-tart, not too sour/sweet for you to enjoy the texture
Youfun Soda Milk China's first milk soda, milk nutrition with soda refreshment, high-quality dairy from select factories, added whey protein for double nutrition, 0 sugar/0 fat, healthy & light, <1/5 apple's calories
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