Brand Introduction

[Children's Cheese]
1. High cheese content for a healthy snack
2. Rich in calcium and other essential nutrients to support growth
3. Multiple options for different preferences and occasions

Product Advantages
Normal Temperature Cheese Stick 1. Innovative normal temperature technology makes it convenient to carry when you're on the go
2. Not only is it high in calcium, but it also contains patented bacteria
3. Winner of the World Dairy Innovation Award in 2022
Yili Suckable Cheese 1. Contains 1.5 times more milk calcium than regular cheese
2. The industry's first suckable cheese
3. Versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways
4. Winner of two international awards
High-Nutrition Cheese Sticks 1. Cheese content of at least 51%
2. Contains 2.5 times more milk calcium than regular cheese
3. Fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D
Golden Guard Cheese Sticks 1. Contains a patent combination of vitamin D and calcium
2. High cheese content of at least 70%
3. Rich milk flavor from carefully selected milk sources
Yijiahao Cheese Adding dietary fiber and high-calcium formula to accompany children for their growth.
Rich Cheese Bar Golden Package Add YIjiahao Fresh Cheese, 131 safety indicators were assured from the pasture to factory. The product contains 8g of protein per 100g, rich in nutrients, and has a creamy and rich milk flavor.
Double Cheese Bar Cheese paired with fresh jam, sweet and sour, a delightful taste that can be savored in one bite, a double delight.
Cheese Bar with Fillings Rich and creamy cheese wrapped with sweet and sour fruit fillings. Strong milk flavor. Soft and chewy fillings offer a double delight with each bite.
Squeezable Cheese Tear the package and squeeze it. Five times the milk calcium. Tasty no matter how you eat it: sucking the soft cheese or biting the frozen cheese.
High-calcium Cheese Curd It contains milk-derived calcium, 2.5 times the amount of milk protein. Features ET-22 patented strain. Delicious taste in every bite, brings in great nutrition.
Yili Shelf-stableCheese Bar Original shelf-stable process, convenient for those on-the-go. Features not only high calcium, but also BL-99 patented strain. Awarded Best Cheese at the 2022 World Dairy Innovation Awards.
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