Brand Introduction

"Inikin"which means "living spring" that is the combination of rare culture and precious volcanic water source. It not only reflects the nature of flowing water in the low-temperature live volcanic spring, but also fully represents the natural vitality and vision that the brand hopes to give to consumers.
Yili chose Yi Ke as its Chinese name, which is comparable with inikin. “Yi” represents the beginning of everything, as water gives everything its initial vitality, while adhering to the parent brand’s concept of Yili meaning ‘the best quality’. Yi Ke also has the same pronunciation as the Chinese phrase for “one moment”, which denotes that at every moment, the constant flow of living water gives the body health and vitality and a higher quality of life.

Product Advantages
[Inikin volcanic mineral water] · Inikin’s contents originate from the Arxan Mountains, also known as “China’s natural oxygen bar”, and the Changbai Mountains, one of the three areas in the world that’s home to the best water sources.
· It’s off the beaten track and its radius of about 800 kilometers has 95% forest coverage, as well as pure and clear water.
· Filtered through layers of magma, the deeply circulating groundwater has a naturally sweet and refreshing taste and is exceedingly rich in minerals including potassium, sodium and silicic acid.
· Thanks to these qualities, inikin is mildly alkaline with a pH level of 7.0-8.0 making it suitable for daily consumption.
Brand Cooperation