Brand introduction

As a leader in the low-temperature yogurt market, Changqing has been the top-ranking yogurt brand in terms of brand power for seven consecutive years.

Product Advantages
Changqing Premium Protein Artisan yogurt -5g/135ml natural protein with concentrated milk, which is 1.6 times that of the national standard.The texture is very creamy and smooth.
-Simple ingredients which only milk and lactobacillus and no-added sugar.
-Two flavors available: plain flavor and coconut flavor. China's first zero-carbon yoghurt is now available.
Changqing 0 Saccharose Selectively picked Dandong strawberries and Shiqiao yellow peaches (agricultural?products?with?geographical?indication)
Full-bodied naked oats grown near latitude 41°N
100% fermented raw cow milk
Premium healthy sugar substitute (stevioside, maltitol)
And 7 kinds of active lactic acid bacteria ≥ 19 billion CFU/bottle
Changqing 0 Additives Tetra Pak No additives (no gelatin, synthetics or sweeteners)
7 strains of active probiotics with more than 25 billion CFU per bottle
100% fresh raw milk
41°N naked oats and sweet fruit
Yili Changqing A cup of yogurt Double protein, double nutrients
Quality milk protein+plant-based protein
Fermented raw cow milk
Changqing High Protein Yogurt for Family 30% more protein than national standard
100% fermented raw milk
Only 3 ingredients: raw milk, white sugar, lactic acid bacteria
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