Yili Joins SCO Expo 2023

Time: 2023-06-16 Views: 0

On June 15, the SCO Industrial and Supply Chains Forum and 2023 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “SCO Expo”) kicked off at the Qingdao SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. Yili Group, as one of the world’s top five dairy producers and Asia’s largest, returned to the SCO Expo with AMBPOMIOL and Joyday Ice Cream.

With the theme of “Gathering at SCO for a Wonderful Life,” the SCO Expo attracted 330 exhibitors, including enterprises and institutions from 34 SCO and BRI countries and regions. During the event, Yili’s booth was visited by ambassadors to China, representatives from government authorities and industrial associations, and international dealers, all of whom spoke highly of the Group’s products and the outcomes from its global strategy. Edil Baysalov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, and his delegation commended the unique flavor and texture of AMBPOMIAL yogurt after sampling it at Yili’s booth.

Sun Jing, Director of Division 1 of the Industrial Development Department of the SCODA Administrative Committee, said that Yili, as a leading dairy producer in China, is enjoying ever-growing international influence thanks to its premium healthy products and pursuit of win-win cooperation with stakeholders. The Group’s corporate culture and brand strengths were fully presented at the Expo. Sun emphasized the SCO’s willingness to continue its partnership with Yili to help facilitate further deepening of the thriving trade and economic cooperation throughout the region.

Since its launch in May 2019, the SCO Expo has been serving as an important platform where the SCO works to strengthen bilateral and multilateral economic and trade ties. Among the exhibitors, Yili is building a Global Network comprised of a global resource system, a global innovation system and a global market system in regions such as Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania where the dairy industry is well-developed. The Group is striving towards the vision of “being the most trusted global healthy food provider” by taking key products to reach even more consumers worldwide.

The AMBPOMIAL and Joyday Ice Cream were brought to the event by Yili. Launched in Singapore in 2019, AMBPOMIAL is now a popular yogurt brand across Southeast Asia, including in Myanmar, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Joyday was first introduced to Indonesia in 2018. With 35 varieties and market shares in countries like Singapore, Myanmar, and Vietnam, among others, today it is the youngest and most dynamic ice cream brand in Indonesia.

According to its latest annual report, Yili’s total revenue reached RMB 123.171 billion (approximately USD 17.207 billion), having registered steady growth over 30 years. With revenue up by 52.2% year-on-year, Yili’s overseas business has emerged as a significant driving force behind the Group’s high-quality development.

Looking forward, Yili is committed to bringing in more advanced concepts and technologies, improving its global layout at a high standard, and identifying more areas of collaboration with overseas partners. A stronger Yili will in turn contribute to the continued high-quality development of the Chinese dairy industry as well as China’s dual-circulation development paradigm, under which the Group will foster a Global Health Ecosystem and pursue the dream of “World Integrally Sharing Health.”