Why Yili
Empower your creativity through open and trustworthy collaboration
Join a dynamic and empowering environment where your ideas and potential are celebrated. With a supportive and inclusive culture, opportunities for self-expression, positive interpersonal relationships, and fair organizational management, you will have the resources to thrive and focus on your work. Maximize your full potential, release your boundless creativity, and showcase your unique talents. Here, you will have the chance to discover the full extent of your abilities and be amazed by the endless possibilities that await you.
Win the future by keep challenging yourself.
Join a big platform that sets high standards and consistently exceeds them. With a top-performing team, comprehensive training, exceptional resource support, exciting project opportunities, and visionary industry leaders, your efforts will be rewarded with continuous growth and confidence. Embrace change with confidence, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.
Let’s nourish the whole world and strive for everyone’s health together .
At Yili, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest quality health foods. Our goal is to become the world's most trusted provider, and to achieve this, we are pursuing a strategy of diversification, globalization, and innovation. This strategy is rooted in China, but its impact will be felt around the world, as we work to create a comprehensive blueprint for health and wellness. Here, you will have the opportunity to grow alongside the company and deliver a better life to more people.
How to Grow with Yili

Training - change your thinking and fill any gaps in knowledge:Training: change your thinking and fill any gaps in knowledge. Our focus is on practical business scenarios and building projects that combine online and offline capabilities. With the help of a mentor system, action learning, and other resources, you will improve your understanding and skills.

Experience - hone your skills and sharpen your abilities through hands-on experience:Experience: hone your skills and sharpen your abilities through hands-on experience. Guided by job growth white papers, job qualifications, and leadership models, you will develop your skills through job rotations, project tasks, and other opportunities.

Competition - elevate your abilities through competition:Competition: elevate your abilities through competition. With the help of a talent comparison platform, you can compete with your skills, knowledge, and performance. This will accelerate your development.

Dual Career Path:Dual Career Path: professional and management. You will have opportunities to showcase your skills on a first-rate, international platform.

Four channels:Four channels: managerial duty promotion, managerial rank promotion, professional duty promotion, and professional rank promotion. These opportunities will allow you to create exceptional value, advance your career, and reach your full potential.

Leading intelligent learning platform:Yili builds a digital learning platform namedYiQiXue for every employee, with digital technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and big data to provide intelligent learning experiences for employees.

Abundant internal and external learning resources:Yili provides employees with rich learning resources through internal learning platforms, covering 12 major courses such as general skills, professional skills, and digitalization. It matches the learning map corresponding to employees' career growth paths to support their learning and development.

Training System
Development System
Learning System

We need someone like you.

An exemplary value creator with a passion for learning, creativity, and strong drive to action
Be active
Maintain a positive attitude and an unwavering drive and make remarkable achievements with the motivations and efforts.
Enjoy Learning
Maintain a thirst for knowledge and curiosity in new fields and be diligent in learning and good at thinking. Keep up with the times, continuously improve oneself, and perform well in a complex environment.
Executive Ability
Adhere to the principles of practical and down-to-earth conduct, act with wisdom, and be able to efficiently implement good ideas.
Be creative
Have a pioneering and innovative spirit, and be brave in exploration. Be innovative to lead the future development of the industry.
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Employee Benefits
Support for vitality
Provide team activity funds and support for various team activities organized by the employees on their own initiative.
Care for Women Staff
Free gynecological check-up as well as special welfare care during pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and International Women's Day.
Care for Staff wellness
Free health check-up, health lectures and volunteer clinic, as well as an emotional decompression space and employee medical mutual assistance.
Benifits for Public Holiday
Gifts and benefits for festivals such as Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, International Women's Day, Children's Day, and staff birthdays.
Benifits for Important Events
Wedding gift money, congratulations on the children's educational advancement, and travel expenses.
Benifits for Children of Staff
Provide nutrition care subsidies and Children's Day gifts for employee's children.