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President Xi Jinping attends US-China Business Round-table
, Yili Group drives China-US Food Valley to Set Sail

Time: 2022-04-02 Views: 5812

On September 23, during his state visit to the United States, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended US-China Business Roundtable in Seattle. President Xi delivered an important address on China-US economic and trade cooperation, which was extensively echoed by the business communities of both countries. Pan Gang, chairman of the Yili Group, attended the dialogue as a representative of Chinese agricultural enterprises and spoke about the importance and vastness of China-US agricultural cooperation, as well as introducing the Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley. A consensus was reached at the dialogue on establishing the Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley, with the Yili Group taking the lead in its implementation. Prior to the meeting, President Xi cordially shook hands with entrepreneurs such as Pan Gang and recognized Yili’s achievements.

Xi Jinping, President of China attends the China-US Business Roundtable held in Seattle.(Source:www. NEWS.cn)

The dialogue between Chinese and American entrepreneurs was among most important economic and trade activities during President Xi’s visit to the US. Jiang Zengwei, chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Henry Paulson, former US Treasury Secretary and Chairman of the Paulson Institute presided over the meeting. Nearly 30 representatives of well-known Chinese and American companies, including the Yili Group, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba Group, Haier Group, as well as Boeing, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Disney, DuPont and other American companies attended and addressed the meeting. Prior to the meeting, Pan Gang, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi, and other global famous entrepreneurs exchanged their views.

Pan Gang(second from left), Chairman of Yili Group at the China-US Business Roundtable

In his speech, Pan Gang said that China-US agricultural cooperation is not only important and complementary but also extensive. The leaders of China and the US have identified eight key areas of agricultural cooperation and established major principles of complementary advantages, fully reflecting our leaders’ special attention to agriculture. Chinese agricultural enterprises are eager to cooperate with American universities, enterprises, and institutions to better serve Chinese consumers. As more regions in China exceed $10,000 in GDP per ca pita, diversified and personalized healthy food will be highly popular, providing enormous space for innovative cooperation between the two countries in agriculture and food. Yili’s brands, such as Satine, AMBPOMIAL, Jinlingguan, Changqing, and Chocliz, are excellent examples. The Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley was born in this context, and Yili will take the lead in its implementation, devoting its efforts, wholeheartedly and taking the responsibility of leading enterprises.

Pan Gang noted that the Yili Group has integrated many top Ivy League universities in the US, top ten global comprehensive universities, and top-ranking universities, research institutes, and institutions in various fields such as agriculture, management, and life sciences. The Group will carry out comprehensive and three-dimensional cooperation in various fields, including "nutrition and health, product research and development, food safety, agricultural technology, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, ecological environment protection, enterprise management, and talent training," forming a China-US and even global cooperation model in agriculture and food. The establishment of the China-US Food Intelligence Valley aims to create a high-end and cutting-edge cluster of academic and research institutions in the field of agriculture and food, with the most powerful and diverse capabilities, the most innovative models, the most flexible mechanisms, and the most profound impact, benefiting people from both countries.

Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley Establishment Ceremony held in Seattle,USA

After the roundtable, the establishment ceremony of the Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley was held. Nearly 100 distinguished guests from China and the United States, including Jiang Zengwei, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and many top global universities, research institutions and organizations such as the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Yale University, University of Toronto, University of California, Davis, Wharton School, University of Minnesota, witnessed the establishment ceremony with Yili. Some representative projects also held signing ceremonies on site

Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley Establishment Ceremony held in Seattle,USA

As the leader of China's dairy industry and a typical representative of Chinese brands, Yili Group has played an important role as a participant, beneficiary, and leader of Sino-US agricultural cooperation. The China-US Food Intelligence Valley project demonstrates Yili Group's internationalization strategy and forward-looking vision. It is hoped that the China-US Food Intelligence Valley will continue to grow and become a "granary" of the fruits of agricultural cooperation between the two countries.